Shiny New Website

Hello! The Whimsy Papers has a shiny new home at a shiny new website, and I will no longer be updating this site. Please come and have a look at the new place and let me know what you think!

You can also find it on Bloglovin and of course you can follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

See you soon!

kassia x

Back on Form

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Three years ago, if you had asked The Whimsy Papers who her favourite designer was, she wouldn’t have hesitated. She would have said “Erdem”. But in the last year and a half there has been the slightest reek of one-trick-pony emanating from the collections, and the A/W 11 was disappointingly lacklustre.

Pre-Spring ’12 provides proof positive that all is not lost. Enjoy.

Ash Leaf and Aventurine

Catherine Zoraida makes beautiful gold and semi-precious stone jewellery in the forms of leaves, fruit and small animals like dragonflies and seahorses. These earrings are particularly well balanced and wearable.

“Ash Leaf and Aventurine” earrings, £250, Catherine Zoraida